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The LP Booklet Pages 13 and 14

Stig meanwhile had fallen under the influence of Arthur Sultan, the Surrey mystic and he had introduced Stig to his Ouija Board Work. Sultan now invited the Rutles on a get-away from it all, table-tapping weekend near Bognor. As usual the Press followed. But while the Rutles sat at the feet of the Surrey mystic seeking spiritual enlightenment at his hands fate dealt them an appalling blow. It was at Bognor that they learned the shocking news of the loss of their manager Leggy Mountbatten. Tired and despondent over the weekend and unable to raise any friends, Leggy had gone home, and, tragically, accepted a teaching post in Australia. It was a bombshell for the Rutles. They were shocked. And stunned.
The news was not entirely unexpected. Leggy's recent behaviour had been giving grounds for concern: he had been investing heavily in Spanish Bullfighters and in California he had been arrested for giving the kiss of life to a rubber raft: but he had for many years held the Rutles together--often forcibly. Now he was gone.
The Rutles firt major flop THE TRAGICAL HISTORY TOUR immediately followed the loss of Leggy. It was not the strongest idea for a Rutles films-four Oxford History Professors on a walking tour of English Tea Shops, and it was slammed mercilessly by the critics.

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