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Warner Bros. Rutles Releases in Canada - 8 Track Tape

Canadian 8 Track Front
Canadian 8 Track End

In a manner similar to the way that the Canadian cassette has the album's songs in the correct order, the Canadian 8 Track tape manages to keep the songs in an order that more closely matches that of the LP. Although it's necessary to re-order the tracks in an 8 Track tape to try to get four programs of more-or-less equal length, the Canadians managed to do it without shuffling the song order around quite so much. The songs are still pretty close to the correct order.

The most significant difference in the Canadian tape versions of the album, both cassette and 8-Track, is that they have a different album title than every other version in the world. Everywhere else, the album is titled just The Rutles, but the Canadian tapes are the only versions actually called Meet the Rutles. (Many people mistakenly call the Warner Bros album Meet the Rutles, but they're only correct if they're referring to the Canadian tape versions. A quick look at the record label or jacket spine will confirm the true title of the album.)

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