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All You Need Is Cash on NBC-TV

Although NBC had enough confidence in All You Need Is Cash to move it to a prominent prime time slot, it didn't do anything extraordinary to promote the show. They issued a simple press release on February 24, 1978, and took out a half-page ad in TV Guide.

(My thanks to Von and Marshall Cannon for the TV Guide Ad)

TV Guide Ad

 All You Need Is Cash was broadcast March 22, 1978, in a prime weeknight 9:30pm to 11:00pm time slot. Despite a getting almost unanimously good reviews, it got slaughtered. Not only did the show come in last in its time slot, it was the lowest rated show for the entire week (coming in at number 65 out of 65 shows). It did so poorly that NBC, which had rights for two airings, dumped All You Need Is Cash's second airing in its experimental late night Sunday movie slot. The show had its final network airing at 11:45pm on December 10, 1978. (NBC would give up the Sunday late night experiment a few months later anyway; that time slot remains the only one that the American networks have never succeeded in programming.)

All You Need Is Cash did much better outside the US. It first aired in the UK on BBC2 at 8:45pm on March 27, 1978, where it got critical raves and an excellent audience response. So great was the reaction that the show was re-run just two months later on BBC1, May 27, 1978, at 10:15pm.

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