Archaeology in Japan

Japanese Archaeology Obi

The Japanese version of Archaeology was issued by EMI-Toshiba in December of 1996. It includes the same songs as on all other copies of Archaeology, but also adds four additional tracks. The bonus tracks are "Baby S'il Vous Plait," and "It's Looking Good" (also available as bonus tracks on the "Shangri-La" single), plus "Lullaby" and "My Little Ukelele," which are available nowhere else.

Here is the first page of the insert that comes with the Japanese Archaeology. The insert oddly mentions only three bonus tracks, instead of the four there actually are! The obi for the album, on the other hand, clearly announces the last four tracks as being bonus tracks, and lists them in red ink, as opposed to the white used for the regular tracks.

Japanese Archaeology Insert

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