Rutles Items I'm Looking For

I haven't quite got to this part of the web site yet. Eventually I'll put together a nice, complete, and well-ordered list. For now, please bear with me.

Some of the items I'm on the lookout for are:

Keep in mind that I'm in the process of updating the pages now, and I do have a number of items that aren't yet mentioned (for example: Sweet Rutles Tracks, Rehearsal, Sgt. Rutter's Only Darts Club Band, Meet the Bonzos, assorted samplers which include "Shangri-La," the Rutles MovieCD, "Shangri-La" singles from Holland and the UK, Japanese CDs of The Rutland Weekend Songbook and the Rhino CD, the Warner Bros "Rutlemania" collection of reviews, and the Rhino issues of "All You Need Is Cash" on video.

If you have something you think I may be interested in, please email me. Even if I have it already, I know other Rutles collectors who may be interested, and I can point you to them.

My email address is

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--John Hazelton